Pee Proofing Per Suit

Pee proofing on the underside of your Italian Greyhound suit that repels liquids such as urine. The front legs, and upper chest area of the suit are treated. One of these treatments should be purchased per suit you want treated.

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Utilising nano-technology our Pee Proofing treatment for Italian Greyhound clothing is non-toxic and 100% environmentally safe.  FREE of PFAS Chemicals the treatment can last up to 5 years, depending on how often you wash your suit and how you wash your suit. The effectiveness of protection varies according to the material you choose to treat.

  • Polar & Sport fleece – Excellent
  • Dune Knit – Good to excellent
  • Whitehaven Knit – Good to excellent
  • Hari-Angora – Medium
  • Fur neck – Medium
  • Chennille knit – Not recommended

We have crated a couple of videos so you can see how the ‘pee proofing’ works

  1. Pee Proofing Video (Instagram)
  2. Liquid repellent tests