Environmental Responsibility

100% responsible manufacturing

We are aiming for a zero environmental impact product company. Key to that goal is avoiding contributing to landfill in Australia. Often called the circular economy, Royal Hound will ensure that all the goods we produced can be recycled in a manner that does not contribute to landfill.

We want to go further than recycling, we want to make sure that our goods do not enter the recycle economy only to end up in landfill several years later. We believe we have achieved this with our environmentally friendly garment disposal process which ensures our products will never end up in landfill.

How does it work?

Once you have finished with your garment simply return them to our offices and we will dispose of them through an accredited disposal process that ensures the components of our garments avoid landfill.

Post your garment to;

Royal Hound
P.O. Box 32
ASHBURTON Victoria 3147


This is a free service, however only available in Australia, nationally. Overseas customers can still post their item back to us and we will dispose of them, however you must not post any plastic or other non-recyclable packaging.


All our shipment packaging is made of 100% compostable zero waste shipping bags or recyclable shipping bags. Our garments are packed in recycled paper boxes that you can reuse or place in a recycle bin. The only part of our packaging that cannot be reused or recycled is the sticky tape we use to seal your parcel. With micro-plastics littering our oceans we will be finding a replacement for this as well.