Care Instructions

When you wash a Royal Hound garment you should always use cold water and mild detergent. We recommend hand washing all garments, however if you use a washing machine use the gentle cycle with a low spin. Always wash dark garments with dark colours and light coloured garments with other similarly light coloured clothes only.

Dry in shade  |  Cool iron with cloth on reverse side  |  Do not tumble dry  |  Do not bleach  |  Do not soak/wring


Fabric Pilling

Like all dogs, we are sure that at some point your little Iggy will roll and rub their garment on the floor or other items. This can cause the material to produce little balls of fabric, often called ‘pilling’. This is NOT a fabric defect, but rather the natural occurrence of all fabric. To remove these you can purchase a ‘de- fuzzer’ from any local fabric store, general store or local supermarket.


A big challenge for Iggy owners is that their Iggy’s can often pee on their own suits when toileting. In most cases they tend to pee on either of the front legs or the chest.  Mostly the domain of males with poor aim, it can mean that owners are constantly washing clothes, almost after every toileting experience. We understand how annoying and time consuming this can be so we set out to find a solution.

We have created a suit made of shower proof fleece. At this stage it is only available in a Navy or Black colour fleece.

How long does it last?

This treatment is not permanent and every time it is washed will loose some of its repellent abilities. We suggest you minimise washes by using paper towels to dab away any urine or liquid that remains on the suit and for parts of the suit that are not treated you should use a damp cloth to remove dirt or freshen the suit.

The treatment should lasts up to 7 years (30 washes), if you take care of your garments as per our care instructions.

Why isn’t it permanent? A permanent treatment is available, but the chemical composition is dangerous to pets and can effect the environment, so we do not offer this option.

More about ‘pee proofing’.

Recycle & responsible manufacturer

We not only pride ourselves on being Melbourne based, we are also aiming for a zero foot print product company. As a result once you no longer want the garment, please let us know by email and post the goods back to us. Once we have your old garment we will dispose of the garment in an environmentally friendly manner, either by recycling the garment or disposing of the garment in manner that does not contribute to land-fill. This is only available in Australia on a national basis at this point.

More about being environmentally responsible.