Pee Proofing

NEW to Royal Hound – We have released a fleece that is ‘shower-proof’. Our Navy and Black fleece is bonded with treatment from the knitting mill making it ‘shower-proof’. It has taken us over 12 months to research and find the right kind of fabric. We believe we now have a good alternative to the spray on water-proofing treatment.

This fleece will repel liquids in most circumstances.  In regards to Pee from a hound this material performs really well. It is restricted to our fleece products and the only colours at this stage are black and Ink (Navy). We are working on more colours. Unfortunately this treatment is not permanent and every time it is washed it will loose some of its repellent abilities. We suggest you minimise washes by using paper towels to dab away any urine or liquid that remains on the suit.

Reduced stretch

The treated area of the suit has limited stretch when compared to our normal fleece. We would therefore recommend a slightly bigger size if the measurements of your sighthound are borderline between two sizes. Some hounds may not want to move in the suit if it is too tight, if this is the case it could mean getting a larger size or allowing them time to get used to the suit feel. You may also wish to wait for the suit material to soften, as over time it will soften slightly making it more comfortable for your sighthound.

If you have any doubts you can always return the suit for a refund if it is unworn.

** ** This treatment only covers the front legs and chest area.


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Suit design – Italian Greyhound Clothing

The bonded treatment is a great idea, however it is not 100% perfect yet. So we have used our design skills to create a suit that can minimise the chance of urine even reaching the suit. This is what we have done;

  1. Shorter legs – we have shortened the front legs of all our suits so they are not in the firing line. Is a good idea to minimise the chance of getting wet, without letting too much of the cold hit their body.
  2. Higher chest area – we have reduced the chest cover to a minimum so that those that shoot on to the chest will not hit the suit. This is not 100% effective as without some chest area you compromise the fit and look.

Suits made without proper chest cover area should be avoided. They can not retain their structure and long-term fit. However for suits that have chest cover, if not properly treated the material under the chest area can absorb all the pee splatter and will smell very urine like, promoting mold and bacteria.


If you have any questions about our treatment or designs for pee protection, please email us directly, we would be more than happy to answer those questions.