We love questions.

We often get questions from our customers on all things sighthound and Italian greyhound clothing related. If you don’t see your question here feel free to use our contact form to ask us a question. You can also contact us on any of our social platforms.

Question What if I measure wrong and the suit does not fit properly?
AnswerFit is extremely important to us, so we always offer an exchange. Simply return your suit and we will issue you a refund directly through your original payment method. You can then re-order the correct size or change your mind and choose another style. It is important that you abide by our return policies in order for us to refund your suit.
Question How do I measure my Italian Greyhound or Whippet for your clothing?
AnswerFit is extremely important to us, so we have detailed a guide for you to ensure that you can gauge sizing for Italian Greyhound or Whippet and order the right size suits for your sighthound.
Question How do I take care of my Royal Hound clothing?
AnswerOur materials are high quality and chosen because of their resilience. Taking care of your suit is important so we have detailed instructions you should be aware of on our care page.
Question Can I get a refund if I change my mind?
AnswerAbsolutely. We offer refunds to all our customers once we have the suit back in our studio. The suit must abide by our returns policy and be undamaged and in its original packaging. If the suits looks worn we will not be able to give you a refund or exchange.
Question We have seen similar design Italain Grehound clothing and Whippet clothing, are they the same as yours?
AnswerNo. Even if they are made to order they do not carry the same quality of our clothing. They also do not take back suits once you have finished with them to ensure that they do not end up in landfill. We are the only company (and the first) in Italian Greyhound Clothing and Whippet Clothing industry who ensures all our clothes do not end up in landfill.
Question I have seen your designs elsewhere, are these your suits?
AnswerUnfortunately there have been a number of companies who have copied our styles. Unless your suit carries our label it is not our suit, but it is our copied design. We are very proud that other ‘designers’ have copied our designs. It is a testament to our creativity and desire to innovate.
Question Other companies offer free delivery or free returns?
AnswerCompanies that offer these free have likely overpriced their suit, building in the courier price into the final suit price. It is not a transparent practice and attempts to mislead you to think they offer free delivery and returns. Reality is they do not and they should be upfront and transparent.
Question How often do you have sales or offer discounts?
AnswerWe seldom discount our suits or have seasonal sales.

When you purchase a suit from Royal Hound you have the confidence that everyone has paid the same price. Our suits are not over priced and allow us a fair profit for the high quality we provide. We do have sales, however they are generally only for older stock that we no longer manufacture and are clearing our remaining items.

Question Why does it take up to 2 weeks to create italian greyhound clothing & Whippet clothing?
AnswerPut simply we hand-make all our suits in our studio in Melbourne Australia. This means we do not create any wastage that will either be put on sale or dumped at a later date in landfill. We refuse to use large scale manufacturers and are proud we support our local economy and the everyday people in it. We are Melbourne Proud.
Question Should the fit of your suits be a tight or loose fit?
AnswerYour suit should be a firm fit, not too tight and not too loose. We computer modeled and tested lots of designs and cuts before settling on the right design. The goal of getting the right fit is to ensure that a thin layer of air is trapped between the material and the skin of your Italian Greyhound or Whippet. It is NOT the material that creates the warmth, it is the fit combined with the right material.
Question Do you have lead holes?
AnswerNo. We never place holes in any of our Italian Greyhound clothing or Whippet Clothing. Extensive testing shows no matter how the holes are created or where they are located over time the suit looses shape, sags and is a point of wear. This means our suits last longer than other suits without losing the style that we deliberately created.