About Us

Royal Hound is a creative design studio dedicated to crafting stylish, good fitting garments for Italian Greyhounds (Iggys), Whippets & Greyhounds.

As passionate Iggy lovers we understand the need to have garments that fit these unique and lovable breeds. We experienced the challenges in getting these precious little souls to feel warm in winter without feeling restricted and old fashioned.

We didn’t forget about the other seasons either. Summer can be just as challenging, making sure we protect their delicate skin and perfect little mannerisms that allow you to snuggle all day with them without the problems that come with bad fitting oversized dog clothes.

If you love these breeds, and we do, you’ll understand that generic clothing doesn’t do the breed justice. It is poor fitting, hindering their movement and their personality.

It leaves you few options where you either make them yourself, or rely on overseas businesses that cost a fortune to buy and ship while having no regard for our environment or the health a well being of your sighthound.

So we decided to do something about it. It is our passion and our love.

Uniquely Us

We are environmentally conscious and dislike waste. Return all your garments after you have finished with them and we will ensure they are disposed of in a responsible manner. All at our cost (FREE in Australia only at this stage)

We love Melbourne and we are keen to see all design, manufacturing and production done right here. Cheaper overseas manufacturing options do not fit our zero footprint goal or our responsibility to our children’s future. We are proudly and authentically Melbourne Designed & Made.

Nothing valuable is achieved without help. We do extensive research with our customers and our testing group. We encourage feedback on our designs so we can make them better. So if you have suggestions we’d love to hear them.

We get that sometimes you can make a mistake. We are happy to take returns within 7 days if you change your mind . The garment should not have been worn and the tags and original packaging is required.

We are always around somewhere so just send us an email & we’ll try and respond as quickly as possible. As an online business with customers all over the world we need to be accessible. We’ll always do our best.

We take PayPal and credit card because we know it’s important to our customers. We also love the protection that PayPal provides our customers and best of all they are NOT a bank!

Our Inspiration

If you have, or currently own an Italian Greyhound you’ll
understand how captivating and gentle natured these little souls are.
Our little Iggy, Memphis, captivated our family from the day he arrived, so much so we built a business around him. He is the genesis of Royal Hound.

Carmela & Peter

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We are always happy to hear from our customers.