Re-Hound is a Royal Hound initiative to minimise wastage and landfill.  This is not a money making initiative for Royal Hound. We do this because we are committed to helping the environment and as one of the only circular businesses in the industry we are proud of environmental values.

When you return your clothing we will evaluate the condition, clean and sanitize and list for sale (as used) on our website.

Royal Hound will dry-clean & sanitize your suit and as a result we will also guarantee the condition of the used suit to the purchaser. This will assist in the sale of your item. We will charge a fixed standard listing fee of $25. This fee covers the dry-cleaning & sanitizing.  If the listing fee amount you pay exceeds the costs to dry clean and sanitize we will refund the remaining fee once sold (we will also provide you a receipt of the service for your records).

We Are More Than A Retail Store

Royal Hound has always been more than a just a retail store. We have always believed clothing your hound is only one part of the business we operate. We also;

  • ensure our business does not contribute to landfill,
  • ensure we do not contribute to slave, underage or poor labor conditions,
  • ensure we have gender diversity, where possible,
  • ensure we do not contribute to overseas or large scale ‘manufacturing’ all of which contribute to the idea of fast disposable fashion and the destruction of our environment, and
  • ensure we only craft on demand, almost entirely eliminating wastage from our business.

Why Re-Hound?

The idea behind Re-Hound came about because our clothing has been created to last. Re-Hound will ensure that when you purchase used Royal Hound clothing that it has been checked by us, cleaned to ensure the quality level we have become known for.

How Does Re-Hound Work?

Step 1: Check your clothing is in reasonable condition. What is reasonable condition? It is in reasonable condition if it meets the following criteria:

  • No large irreparable holes,
  • No irreparable tears,
  • No pulled threads,
  • No dirt,
  • No stains,
  • No dog hair.

It is a requirement that you wash your suit to remove any urine or other stains and dirt. It also is important to understand that sometimes, some suits, based on their condition cannot be cleaned & sanitized and therefore can not be sold through Re-Hound. You can, however, try and sell the suit yourself.

Step 2: Fill-out the included form on this page (Word Document).

Step 3: Pack your suit(s) into a postage bag and post to our PO. Box.

Re-Hound @ Royal Hound
PO. Box 32
Victoria 3147

Step 4: Once we receive the suit we will review the details and contact you if we disagree with your requested price or we need to do significant repairs.

Step 5: If we are happy to list your suit we will Dry-Clean & Sanitize your suit and perform any necessary repairs.

Step 6: If we do list your suit we will deposit the remaining sale fee (when sold) from your suit into your nominated bank account. We do not send cash, cheques or any other method of payment. We ONLY deposit the money into your bank account.

Step 7: If we feel your suit cannot be repaired, is not in good enough condition to re-sell or has not been cleaned before sending to us then we will contact you and inform you. At that point we can either dispose of the suit or post the suit back to you via standard Australia Post service.

Complete this form and send with your suit(s): rehound form

Q: Why do you charge a listing fee?

We charge the fee to cover our dry cleaning, sanitizing & handling costs. These include things such as packaging and photography. We do not make a profit off the sale of these suits.

Q: Why would I not sell my suit myself?

You absolutely can, this is your choice. However we do not provide a guarantee of the suit to the buyer.

Q: What price will you list the suit for?

We try target around 60% of the original price. However it will depend on the condition of the suit and how well it comes up after sanitising and dry-cleaning. We will of course take your preferred price point into consideration and if we feel it is not reasonable, we will contact you to discuss.

Why do you have to dry clean and Sanitise the suit?

As part of our commitment to looking after our customers and their hound’s health we insist on this step to rid the suit and material of any bacteria, dirt or other potential health issues.

Can I dry clean and sanitise the suit myself and save part of the fee?

Yes, you can do that. But you will need to provide a receipt detailing the the dog suit description in the pack you send to us. We will give this detail to the new purchaser and they will have proof that you did the cleaning. This will save you anywhere up to $15 in the listing fee, depending on the size of the suit.

Q: What if we cannot agree on a listing price?

If we cannot agree on a price for the suit we will return the suit to you. We will also refund you the money you paid.

Q: What if my item does not sell?

At anytime you can request your suit back, however you will still be charged the handling fee and any repairs that we have made.

Q: Do I have to pay postage to send you our suit(s)?

Yes. If you send your suit via Australia Post standard this will cost you around $8.95.