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Italian Greyhound Clothing | Royal Hound Clothing | Iggy clothes for summer and winter

Slip Slop Woof

Protect your hound this summer. Skin cancer does affect dogs as well as humans.
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Italian Greyhound Clothing | Pros and cons to own an Iggy

The Reality of Owning an Iggy

Owning an Italian Greyhound is probably one of the greatest joys in life. Their personality and mannerisms are unique in the canine world. They are endearing, comedic and sensitive little…
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Italian Greyhound Clothing | Iggy Clothing | Royal Hound

Italian Greyhound & Whippet Clothing

No matter what type of sighthound you have, you’ll come to quickly realise that clothing for this personality-packed breed is not optional. The lean and sleek profile of most sighthounds…
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